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September 5th, 2005 - 15th of 16 days - in Quebec
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Sniff...sniff...It's over !!


After a hearty breakfast, we're all set for a little exercise, pushing exercise... And yes! She starts!

The last miles are rarely the most enjoyable ones but, these are especially hard. Fortunately, the weather is holding up for us, it's splendid!

Back in town: Latuque.


A view from the bridge.


Our return to civilisation was almost a shock.

When we get back to Latuque, we decide to have lunch at a burger a shop on a pretty busy street corner. The music from the shop next door, the cars, the horns, the trucks, the people walking as if their b... was on fire...We stare at all that and think "Man, what are we doing here? It was so much better in the woods". The falls, the calm of the forest, being alone...we miss it already. Luckily, we don't live in Montreal...or New York!

We were surprised of our reaction ourselves.



Yeah ! Todays most happiest moment.
Yeah ! When we realise we made it!
Bof... Todays most saddest moment.
Bof... When we realize it's over...


Back on saddle, we let the nature sink in as much as we can...


How beautiful! We wish we could spend more time and stop at all the nice spots we see but, the vacations are over...


A reference point in the area, "the steel bridge" is an impressive structure considering it's age. It's still in operation today.


One last look at our equipment. We made it to our starting point of 16 days ago...The suspense was on right until the end, but, yes, we made it there!


Malgré les différents compromis a faire question confort, nourriture, nous aimerions continuer encore et encore. C'est pour ça qu'on prend une année sabbatique !

Despite the sacrifices made in comfort, food selection, we wish we could go on and on. That's why we decided to take a year off!!



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general view
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  • 118 miles
  • gas: $18.00
  • restaurant: $44.00
  • Camping: $25
  • access to SF $16.00
  • nb of miles with "the snail": 313
  • Clutch repairs: $785.59!


  • nb of days: 16
  • total miles: 1289
  • av. miles/day: 80.56
  • gas: $415
  • food: $368
  • restaurant:$139
  • camping: $50
  • SF access: $16
  • total expenses: $988
  • av. cost/day: $61.75 











From this point on, it's more forest roads than trails.







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