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May 3rd & 4th, 2006
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No primitive camping...Park in the trailhead parking's nice anyway!


After our experience in the little coal river trail system, we felt confident enough to tackle some "moderate" trails.


Spring's the time when "mudders" spring into action!


Humm...Nice view! Now all we have to do is get back down there!

Yeah !
Yeah ! Bing...Bang...Boom...a hole...a rock...some water and lots of mud...incredibly, our equipment is holding up!


Bof... Most difficult trails that became "the trail to hell"!



Small streams and rivers, always a favorite.


Enjoying a vacation and the sunshine!

Trails are classiied by their degree of difficulty:

  • easy: shaky, twisty and generally O.K.
  • more difficult: some steeper pitches and hairpin switchbacks.
  • most difficult: lets see what they look like...



more difficult (with switchbacks):


most difficult: unadvisable for heavy utility quads loaded to capacity and when hauling a trailer, it becomes sheer madness!!!

Hills so steep that you can't help but go down (with all wheels locked) and that for what seems like an endless distance...After about a mile or so, we figure "that must be the way to hell" and since we're not ready go there yet, we decide to turn around and (try) to back up...

The combined weight of the quad and trailer is just too much for the little traction the trail offers. So we have to "winch" our way back up the hill, one cable lenght at a time...placing rocks behind the wheels of the quad so it does'nt roll back down while we hook the winch cable to another tree...
for over two hours...


O.K. So now we know the limits of our quads, considering the amount of stuff we carry!

This was meant to be a "test trip", it has been, already!

A large machine has it's limits!

The award for "Most useful item of the day" goes to: The winch!

If it had'nt been for it, we'd probably be writing this from hell, right now!!


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general view
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commanditaire_rmmotosport_small.gif (7770 octets)

RM Motosport




  • nb of switchbacks: 50
  • miles going up: 50
  • miles going down: 50
  • miles on flat land: 0


Full full sun
demi_bas_blanc.gif (169 octets)


commanditaire_durocher_small.gif (14489 octets)

Durocher transit





Easy trails: O.K.

Most difficult trails: we forget about it!





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