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May  8th & 9th, 2006
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Waking up at the Twin Hollow campground, a heavenly scenery!!

We made it and it was worth it!.


Open only 4 years ago, the campground is as clean as they get. It offers magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. Beautiful!


It's impossible to talk about the Twin Hollow campground without mentionning the warm welcome one receives from the owners Wayne and Donna. They really pamper their guests.


Donna, Wayne and their two sons take care of the family business. Trust me they're busy!! They build themselves the 8 cabins that are now almost countinuously booked (the campground is open all year). Most of their clients are repeat customers, so that tells you something about the place.


Being located atop a mountain, Wayne must carry the water from the bottom of the hill, where the well is, to the top using his especially customized truck. Water is then distributed through out the campground by pumps. One who would'nt see the truck would never know!

If you're looking for a beautiful place to camp from wich you can access the Hatfield-McCoy trail directly, we strongly recommend the Twin Hollow campground.

Heck of a change! Today we must hide from the sunshine instead of the rain...(ask Marc, he kept some "crispy" souvenirs of this day)


We want to enjoy the campground for one more night, so we leave the tent behind and hit the trails.



Yeah !
Yeah ! What a campground! For the views, comfort and hospiality, top notch!
Bof... A small mishap. Sorta comes with it, I guess...

Misadventures are part of the adventure...

When I said we hit the trails, I did'nt mean hit them!! Ouf!...She got more scared than hurt!


We wanted to test our equipment. France took it a little bit too seriously!

Unintentionnally of course, we were able to see that the "kitchen" is pretty sturdy. The cover of the cooler did'nt resist the shock, but we're thankful that it took the beating and not France...


After the photo shooting...We use the winch to help us put the quad back up, and after a general inspection, we're good to go...

Dammage report:

  • One sore shoulder (for a few days...)
  • One cooler protector to rebuild
  • One minor paint touch-up needed on the kitchen...


Today may 9th, we head back to the camper who is waiting for us in Man WV.

On our way back to the Rockhouse Lodge, a quick pit stop to the presuure washer.



Our complete wardrobe lies in these to bins that are attached by the bottom on a rail that slides over the original tracks of the rear rack of the quad (kinda like a sliding drawer). That way, we don't have to fight off bungee cords or tie-downs every time we want to open the bins.

Covers easily come completely off, to we have access to our clothes.

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  • 10/10 for the Twin Hollow
  • 8/10 for the watertightness of the compartments
  • 0/10 for the watertightness of my boots...






Honey, I can't find the sunblock...
demi_bas_blanc.gif (169 octets)



RM Motosport




Like yesterday but without the grease...

We've seen worst...




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