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12 days, 4 regions, 893miles, in Quebec

Region 2, North: Chibougamau, Chapais.

September 11th, 2006

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In the early morning, we're in for a big surprise! UFOs are landing on the other side of the mountain!! Nooo! But seriously folks, the sun rising through the morning ice fog is quite a spectacle!lever_soleil_brume.jpg (16888 octets)


If we were in a movie, we could say the special effect guy is doing a great job!lever_brume.jpg (31789 octets)


We wake up to bitter cold temperature (Between 40*F and 30*F, it's cold, below that, it's bitterly cold...)

Yes folks, the white stuff on the tent IS FROST!
meteo_thermometre_frois.gif (1124 octets)Honey, were you cold last night?

Clackclackclackclack...(teeth clacking...)YYYEEESSS!!!!tente_gel.jpg (48089 octets)


Love is the only heating system we have in the tent...Maybe we should consider propane or something...

See the frost on the quads? Brrrrr!!gel.jpg (86151 octets)


The sun burns off the ice fog and leaves us with clear blue skies.lever_11sept.jpg (28450 octets)


The secret to staying cozy: Dress like an oinion (Many layers)
Pyjamas, T-shirt, light wind-breaker, rain coat, that's 4 layers + scarf + tuque, that should do it...

France: "Honey, are you cold now?"
Marc: "Nope, I'm just fine now!"
France: "I sure hope so 'cause there's nothing left in your suitcase..."bill_wabo.jpg (134864 octets)


Out goes the fog, in comes the sun...and the warmth...Ahhh!spot_beau.jpg (94183 octets)




titre_aujourdui.gif (1037 octets)titre_today.gif (368 octets)
Yeah ! A warm and free shower! Thank you!
Yeah !
Bof... Trying to sleep at 25*F, with no heating system, Brrrr!
Bof... .



Marc says: "I need a large table to spread out the maps on so I can figure out which way to go".

Could'nt find a larger one...map_sur_sol.jpg (95841 octets)


Now where the h... is Chibougamau?map_sur_sol2.jpg (103825 octets)


We're back on the trail. It's funny, no matter how early or late we get up, we always seem to be ready to hit the trail around 10 o'clock!route_11sept.jpg (45994 octets)


Wow! Lunch time already. Another beautiful place! If we should stop eery time we see a wonderful spot, we'd go nowhere! Borrowing an expression I read somewhere, we could say the scenery is "routinely beautiful"!quad_lac.jpg (62183 octets)


Too bad we're not looking for our camping location for the night, this is YHE spot.quad_lac_2.jpg (47272 octets)


Oups! Seems we're not the only ones who think this is the perfect spot...

The tracks are sooo fresh...I feel like someone is watching me...trace_ours.jpg (73657 octets)


Judging by the size of the foot prints we can appreciate the size of the teddy bear.botte_trace_ours.jpg (67184 octets)


Hum...Kinda hope he had an early lunch and that...he's not hungry anymore...gant_trace_ours.jpg (86189 octets)


All right, lets eat and take off!pause_lac2.jpg (71230 octets)


senter_pas passer.gif (1555 octets)CAUTION!: Do not click here if you don't want to see this web site's most disgusting picture (to date)!


We finally made it to Chiboum without any problems and, once there, guess what... We lost the trail...After several "Do you know where the quad trail would be?", we found the ideal spot for the night, trailside. We set up camp close to a campground that is closed for the season but, much to our delight, the showers are still functional. Hot water...Aaahhh!!!coucher_11sept.jpg (42259 octets)




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Les cartes titre_maps.gif (356 octets)

Vue d'ensemble/
general view

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autohome_small.gif (6039 octets)

Autohome Canada.Exclusive Canadian importer of high quality Autohome roof top tents. Granted us financial support.






titre_weather.gif (461 octets)
50C   122F
  40C   104F
30C   86F
20C   68F
10C   50F
0C   32F
-5C   23F
-10C   14F
soleil.gif (1277 octets)


Welcome are the warm rays of the sun!








Les sentiers titre_trails.gif (371 octets)







Riding mostly on forest roads is very easy, when you where to go...






Les statistiques titre_stats_eg.gif (394 octets)

  • miles today: 90
  • miles to date: 306
  • coldest night yet: 25*F
  • food: $36.53
  • fuel: $21
  • dinner: $20
  • 1st hot shower this trip..






Les Oscars-The Oscars:
award.jpg (1717 octets)  













                 repas.jpg (625 octets)

Déjeuner/ Breakfast: Toasts + coffee + more coffee...

Dîner / Lunch: Tuna+cheese+chips 

Souper / Dinner: Roasted chicken delivered directly to our camp site...the good side of camping "in town".





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commanditaire_durocher_small.gif (14489 octets)

Durocher transit. With more than 100 trucks, Durocher Transit inc. offers it's many customers a complete an personnalized service!
Granted us an important financial support to build our trailer.







commanditaire_rmmotosport_small.gif (7770 octets)

RM Motosport, Victoriaville, Qc.  Polaris, Suzuki dealer.

Gave us an important discount on the price of a quad and accessories.







commanditaire_beauchesne._small.gif (6216 octets)

Garage M.Beauchesne Enr. Top notch quality and service collision center.
Sandblasting and painting of our trailer. THANKS







commanditaire_lettrage_small.gif (12244 octets)

Top Design Stripes and Lettering. Complete and professionnal service in lettering and striping.
Gave us an important rebate on letterings on our equipment. THANKS!







BarreOblique Ltée Graphic studio, web, multimedia and printed.

Associating technology, art and content to create unique and efficient multi- media tools.









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