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August 31st, 2005  -11th of 16 days-  In Québec
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Do we really have to leave?

The view is stunning from atop the deck. We wish we could spend the week here.

The quads are loaded back up, but it's sad that we have to leave.

There are so many wonderful places to discover...


An improvised rest area at a major trail junction, out in the middle of nowhere.
Enjoying it!


Yeah ! The sun's shining!
Yeah ! Nice weather is back!
Bof... Gas prices
Bof... Seems gas prices are always on the rise. You should have seen the cashiers face when she saw how much we put in the quads and the jerry cans...$102.00


One of the good things about riding a quad is that you get to meet all kinds of people. Of course, hauling all our stuff, we kinda get the attention of other folks on the trail. We meet this really friendly couple on their dirt bikes. We chat for awhile about the fun of enjoying the outdoors while riding our machines.


France just can't help it but to jump in the lake after a great day riding.

The water's cool and crystal clear, the bottom of the lake is smooth and sandy: A little piece of Paradise...



Marc's busy starting up the fire, hummm!!...Fire grilled T-Bone steaks there's nothing better!


Ahhh! The good life! Bring your chairs, let's share dinner and wine!

Guess who drops by to see us? The nice dirt bike couple. They saw us go by and decided to visit. It's a small world...

We're back in the Baskatong reservoir area.

Today's destination: Baskaventure. We were there on an earlier winter trip and were so nicely treated that we've been wanting to back ever since.

As welcoming as always, Normand and Christine, the owners, invite us to join them for the evening and meet Jeff and Brenda, a couple of friends of theirs who visit from the U.S.A.

Jeff is a real bear hunting fanatic. He likes to spend as much time studying bears as hunting them. His huge knowledge helped us understand the behavior of the one we've met. To know and understand bears better means to be more ready and thus, better protected.

Can you imagine the interesting wildlife related disussions we had (add a few glasses of wine) bla...bla...bla...we could have spent the whole night there...


  Hope to see you all again soon guys. Good Bye!


To explore all the different trails available can be quite an adventure.

It's fun to discover new places, but it's important to be able to figure out your way back out of there, or to be able to get to a particular place in case of an emergency.

Conveniently installed on the handlebars, the GPS is always on, thanks to the 12volt outlet.

Since nothing is totally failureproof, we always carry a good old compass.

Also very convenient is the tank bag featuring a clear plastic pouch into wich we store our map so we can have a quick look at it while driving.


Don't get lost!!

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  • 72 miles
  • fuel: $102.00
  • food: $60.00

to date     

  • 739 miles
  • fuel: $371.00
  • food: $303.00
  • restaurant: $95





Sun's back!
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According to my map, the trail should be...right here. But it's not...

It's always kinda strange to ask someone " Heu...where are we...exactly?.."




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