Day 256 to 264

March 18th to the 26th, 2008

From Yuma to Kingman, Arizona.

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During our short stay in Yuma, we take our machines to Liberty Motorsports to have the engine oil changed and ALL THE TIRES replaced on the quads and the trailer.

A very special THANKS to Paul and Lee for being so heplful and supportive to us.

And so, our "will-those-tires-make-it-back-to-the-U.S." episode comes to an end. Despite all the troubles we had with them, I guess we should be happy they actually did take us here...


We're back in the desert somewhere between Yuma and Kingman.
And... It's as beautiful as ever!



So, THIS is a primitive road??

These guys have certainly never been to Mexico...


It rained "a lot" in the desert this past winter.
We get to see many cactus blooming with pink and yellow flowers.


About 80 miles east of Yuma, the desert turns into green fields thanks to irrigation.

Here's one who decided that, flash flood or not, he would'nt get any water in his basement!!

He had his own little mountain built and then he build his house on top of it...


After riding across the wonderful "Kofa National Wildlife Refuge" and going through Quartzsite, we decide to take a shortcut to get to Lake Havasu a little sooner and meet our friend Dave a little earlier.

According to the map, it's very easy. There is a road that goes almost directly to the Parker dam. Plus, we ask a guy who confirms that road will take us exactly where we want to go, and, as a bonus, we get to avoid riding on highway 95 for several miles.

Surprise!! Yes, even this far into the trip, it still happens!! The road exists all right bit it is now closed to all motor vehicule... Thanks to environmental pressure groups...

The Adventure is'nt over 'til it's over...

So, we have to backtrack and head back to Parker (the town) from where we ride the very busy highway 95 north for 16 miles... We though we'd save time but, in the end, we end up spending 3 extra hours to get to Havasu.

Aaah! Finally! We make it to the dam! But... The Adventure is'nt over 'til it's over...

It seems it's impossible to haul a trailer across the dam!
The nice, friendly and very understanding female security agent at the dam explains that the regulation is enforced for security reasons. (Read: We don't know, there could be a bomb in the trailer...)


Marc: "Are you serious?"

The security agent: "Very."

M: "So, what are my options?"

S.A.: "You're gonna have to take highway 95 south for 16 miles (...), cross the bridge at Parker and ride north on the California side of the Colorado."

M: "But, our quads are'nt street legal in California!!!"

S.A.: "Ah..." (Read: That's not my problem...)

Marc goes fishing for a big one...

 "So, if we can't haul the trailer across the dam, can we, say, put it on a truck and then take it across?"

S.A.: "Absolutely! No problem!"

Marc, for himself: "Of course, it makes perfect sense! Even if there was a bomb in the trailer, there's absolutely no danger as long as the trailer is on a truck... I kinda miss "lawless" Mexico already..."

So we leave the trailer on the east side of the Colorado river, cross the dam and (hide and) ride the small paved road on the California side to Black Meadow Landing where Dave is waiting for us.



When we get to the State Park, we explain the situation to our friend and ask him if he would come back to the dam with his truck to pick up our trailer.

Dave: "Sure! No problem!" (After all, he just drove over 750 miles, one way, just to meet us here so, what's another 10 or 20 miles??). "But how do you suppose we get the trailer on the truck? Marc would have to ride his quad back there so we can back it on..."

And there goes Marc for another 20 mile ride (there and back) on the small California road...


We carefully back the trailer on the truck without any major problems. Then, of course, at the State Park, we have to unload it again as it is our living quarters for the next few days... Of course also, you understand that all this is going to take place again when we want to get back across the dam to Az...

Why make it simple when you can have it complicated...


FINALLY!! It's time to celebrate our reunion!!

Many warm thanks once again to Dave who has become more than just a friend. We just made Dave "The official carrier of the Quadtrek Adventure"!


Here's just a few shots of Lake Havasu taken from Black Meadow Landing.


A little bit of a pain to get to (for us...) but well worth it!



Hey Hey! Make sure you look for the next issue of "Dirt Wheels" magazine! (July). Senior editor, Dennis "Ketchup" Cox himself, came and met us here to interview us and do a story on our ride! WAY COOL!


After spending a couple of days in excellent company in Havasu, we say Good Bye (for now...we hope) to Dave and we hit the trails for the very last time of this wonderful ride.

The desert, one last time...


Our employer, Cascades inc., having offered us to store our truck and trailer for free at their Kingman, Az. plant, (We'd like to take this opportunity to say mucho thanks to Fred Martel and Marc Julien for that.) it was decided right from the start that Kingman would be Quadtrek's final destination, the point where the quad ride would come to an end.

Since we got a little bit of a late start from Havasu and since the ride took quite a bit longer than expected (Yes, we did get lost trying to go back the same way we came down in October... It's not over 'til it's over...), we finally get to Kingman in the dark, at around 8:00pm.

Marc: "Well, guess it's a little late to go get the truck..."

France: "Yeah... Guess that's going to have to wait 'til tomorrow. So euh, you really fell like pitching the tent tonight?"

M: "Euh... Not really..."

F: "What do you say we get a little motel room?"

M: "Sure, of course!"


Around 9:00pm.

After unpacking the luggage, and opening a lukewarm can of beer from our 12V fridge, we both sit on the edge of the bed of the "très chic" Motel 6 and look at each other...

M: "Well, guess the ride is over, unh..."

F: "Euh... Yeah... I guess... Hard to realize we pick up the truck tomorrow..."

M: "Humm... Kinda feels funny, unh? Kinda like a good movie with a bad ending..."

F: "Yeah... Not really spectacular..."

M: "Well Honey, Cheers! "

F: "Cheers!"


     Polaris Industries - Canada                            Polaris Industries - USA


On the way home.

Since no trails could take us there during the ride, we decided we should stop at Moab, Utah on the way back home.

Moab is the "Off-road Mecca".

JEEPS, pick-ups, quads, buggies, everything that can ride off-road is there!


France: "My God! Did you see all these people lining up along main street? I wonder what they're waiting for?"

Marc: "Well of course Honey! They were waiting for Quadtrek to come around!"


Moab, c'est Magnifique!


Knowing we were going to stop here in Moab, Polaris hired an advertising agency and they made us the 2ups embassadors for their 2009 model year brochure!

Ned, Robert, Chris, Rob and the whole crew of the ad agency (there was 13 of take pics of the 2 of us...) are super friendly folks! We have enjoyed here an experience few will enjoy. Something similar to the shooting of a movie! WAY WAY COOL!!

Watch for the arrival of the Polaris 2009 models and the '09 presentation brochure with our faces in it!!


Us, in Moab.

(By the way, the people lining up along main street were'nt really waiting for us... They were waiting for the antique cars parade...Bummer...)


And we thought the Adventure was over!!

On the way back from Moab, on May 1st, while driving across the Colorado mountains, a snow storm forced us to change our planned route.

The results:






But that's nothing!!

May 12th.

Well, of course we thought that might be the case but, after a visit to the vet, it's now confirmed and official:

Minnie is expecting !!!!

Doc says the pups might pop out any day now!!! (She is actually A LOT bigger than on the picture!)

We're on the way home now but... Will we make it home before the babies come??

Marc: "Euuuuh... You know... I have, like, zero experience with delivering babies... Hopefully, it won't happen on the road...  Not in the truck...Please!!


The quad ride might be over but definitely not the Adventure!

Stay tuned! We'll keep you posted!

...It's not over 'til it's over...



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Les statistiques

Total 9 jours / 9 days

463 Miles
9405 Miles: à date/to date
$198 Resto
$90 Épicerie/Food
$170 Essence/fuel
$182 Camping/Motel
$35 Divers/Misc.
$675 Total









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Their precious collaboration helped us live this fabulous adventure.


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Polaris Industries - USA

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