Day 16
July 22nd, 2007

From Idaho (Wallace) to Montana (Missoula)...Part 2

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This morning you will have the trust us and believe us as we did'nt bring the camera into the tent last night (not part of our habits yet, I guess...). An unusual noise wakes us up...Sort of a "splash!". We both jump up,(or actually, we sit up...) to see, right there at about 20 feet, two deer that just crossed the river!!

All four of us stare at each other through the plastic sheet that covers the side door of the tent. And we all seem as curious as the next guy to check out that "animal" from such a close distance!!

As soon as we try to move...Boom! They're gone!

Speaking of the doors on the tent, even if it's very hot during the day, the nights are rather cool, that's why we lower the clear plastic doors France added on both sides.

After breakfast, we're back on saddle again. Trails change all the time. We never know what to expect around each turn. Nevertheless, here's what a typical trail/forest road looks like here:
A very steep hill on one side, the trail (more or less narrow), a river, another steep hill, often very densly wooded.

Since there's a lot of dust, France and I leave a good distance between us when we ride.

It's way cooler in the woods!


About 20 min. after we get going, we come across a group of 4 quads.
One of the guys says to me:
"That does'nt look too good..."

"Say what?? What does'nt look good? (I think he's talking about the trailer or something...)

"That flat tire!"

"Holy cow! A flat! My first flat! (of this ride...). And I had'nt even notice it!! It was'nt like that when left, I can guarantee that!"

The four guys stayed with me and helped me fix, or rather, they fixed my flat, using a very clever technique to lift the wheel and work on the tire. More in the tricks section...


(who figured how to lift the quad)
And a very special thanks to Jim Shubert, for letting me have his map of the St-Joe National forest.

Thanks to his map and a few suggestions from the guys, we plotted a route to Missoula that seemed very interesting.

Hey! Here's France! She's back just in time to take the group photo.



Here we go again!...Going up...


Ouf! That was worth it!...


     Polaris Industries - Canada                            Polaris Industries - USA


...Now we come back down again...Here's an easy and very enjoyable section that follows along the St-Joe river...


...AAhhhh! The traditionnal "before lunch swim"...


...And here's Marc, always hard at work...on his's tough, aint it?



Yeah ! Unusual encounters!
Yeah ! What are the odds that you'll meet, 30 miles from each other, in the woods, 2 guys that live in the same town and work for same company, in the same building and see each other every day? It's definitly a side of our trip that surprises us and that we enjoy very much! PEOPLE ARE VERY KIND AND FRIENDLY! THANKS!
Bof... The first flat...
Bof... Probably not the last...It's still pretty good, one flat out of the 600+ miles we rode on all kinds of terrain already.


Forest road 301. Like a postal card...Around each bend!


It only lasts about 10 miles, but it's very spectacular!! We ride at the bottom of a canyon.


No, no! Those are not pyramids! These lines you see are all forest roads or fire roads, how are we suppose to figure out which one to choose??
We just tell ourselves that, we don't know what we're missing in all the other trails but we certainly know what we're enjoying is spectacular! Any way we go, we won'y be able to see it all, it's beautiful every where!


Late afternoon break at Dismal Lake. We meet Brenda and Mike Walker. Seems Mike and Brenda know our 4 friends of this morning very well...Mike works with Jim Shubert...They see each other every's a small world, is'nt it??

Thanks Mike and Brenda for the "ice cold Busch Lites"!


It's a yo-yo ride. We go up, we go down, we go up, we go down...
Here, we go up...


...When, all of a sudden...

"What in the world...A parachute!! A sky diver!?! On the trail?!?"
When I told you we never knew what to expect around the next bend...That's what I meant!!


He's a firefighter. There's a forest fire nearby and, since his plane was flying by, they just asked if the guys down there needed help. Since they did, he simply jumped!!

I always thought you had to be very courageous (or totally nuts...) to jump out of a perfectly good airplane...Imagine jumping to go fight a forest fire...You have to be totally dedicated.

Hats off to you guys!! We salute you!!

Speaking of forest fires, it's the second one we see today!

The first...

...And the second one...this one a lot closer...We rode just a little bit higher on the hill...

This could very well become a major obstacle to our progression. The firefighter told me there was 26 active fires in this district of the St-Joe forest alone! Some are big, some are smaller. We were very lucky to get through today, the fire was very close...Tomorrow, you may not be able to ride this road...

This next photo really has nothing to do with the story...I just though I'd put it on to try and convince you to get out of the house and live this for yourself... The point here is to make your mouth water...


Tonight, our campsite is'nt really that scenic. But we get a unexpected visitor to compensate...

Wanna share our dinner?



An easy trick to lift one wheel of a quad:

Say you'd like to lift the rear left wheel. Find a rock, a tree stump or a bank or whatever that's at least one foot high on which you'll run just the front left wheel.

That will put the quad on a balance between the front right and the rear left wheel, letting you lift the rear one by putting some weight on the front one.

Hard to explain, easy to do...


Instant jack!

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Lat    N   47 4 59.2
Long  W 115 21 19



By now, pretty sure you figured it out, it's always sunny and hot. If ever it rains, we'll let you know!
50C   122F
  40C   104F
30C   86F
20C   68F
10C   50F
0C   32F
-5C   23F
-10C   14F
meteo_soleil_3.gif (4118 octets) SUNNY!










Easy and beautiful, just like the girl next door...

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Déjeuner/Brfst: toasts

Dîner/Lunch:Tomatoes + cuncumbers + hard boiled eggs

Souper/dinner: hot dogs

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