Day 39, 40 and 41

August 14th, 15th and 16th, 2007

From Cokeville to Evanston, WY

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From Cokeville Wy all the way to Utah, we won't be riding on National Forest roads anymore. We'll rather be using BLM (Bureau of Land Management) roads or even private land roads.

Some of those roads (BLM) have restrictions as far as seasons and public access goes.

Sadly, only a few actually have a road number...

Ever since the trailer incident, Marc has developped "cattle guard sickness". Here's a flat one...Pfiou!!


OK, so I'll see you at the other end...You'll probably be able to see me go for the next 2 or 3 miles...
Humm...I think we're gonna get caught by the thunderstorm. Besides these pylones, at 5'8", I'm probably the tallest thing in a 100 miles radius...


Only the vaultures and the sun dried cattle heads are missing in this desert.
No! No! This is not Arizona or Mexico...This is still Wyoming !!


Nice contrast. The dirt changes color, and so does the sky...


To get to Sage (very appropriate name since there's nothing else but Sage here) ,everything is good. In fact, to ride up and down these hills with all kinds of right and left turns one after the other makes it some of the most exciting riding yet! We even dodged the storms. On the other hand, when we get to highway 30, there's suppose to be another trail going south about 2 miles east of us that should take us to Evanston. Surprise!! Oh! There's a trail all right but it's a private road and there's a gate...




Out come the computer and the GPS and here we are tracing a new possible route.

OK! It looks pretty simple. We turn right here and left there, go for a while and turn right and left again and we should be back on BLM 4308. 12 miles and we're there...






After 30 miles of mary-go round and dead-ends, we must admit it, it's going to be the highway or no way.


Another 30 miles later (this one paved...go for 5 miles, turn around, go for 3 miles, turn around again, is this the road? Or is it this one???), we finally find the XX... road we were looking for..





It really did look simple on the map...Note that almost none of the roads has a number...on the map...nevermind on the trail...



Dead-end !! Again !! At least this one lets us check out this pump up close.
Worth the detour!



At last! We found it! We were beginning to wonder if it existed at all...

It's almost 9:00PM, we still have'nt had dinner yet and since we now know which way to go, it's time to pitch the tent.

By this time, the menu is a little less elaborate:

  • Bread (kinda dry...)
  • Peanut butter (rather sticky...)
  • And room temperature water (86 deg. F.)
  • Miam, Miam...

All in all, it's been a good day...(well... at least it was sunny, kind of...)



     Polaris Industries - Canada                            Polaris Industries - USA



Yeah ! Long live peanut butter!!
Yeah ! I read somewhere that life is too short for cheap peanut butter...
Bof... Too heavily detailed maps.
Bof... They show private driveways the same way they show public roads but they don't show gates...



Pics don't always show a good view of the vegetation, that can be pretty.

There are quite a few different flowers that grow here. But Sagebrush is the most common plant. Do you use Sage when you cook? It smells good but we can't say it's a rare herb...



Sunshine in the morning after a rather stormy night...Definetly did'nt get a whole lot of protection from the surrounding trees...


There's a surprise waiting for us around every corner. First, by looking at the map, you'd think that the area is rather flat...Well, after climbing up to 8100ft, we discover a very commercial area. A gas company (Exxon) is operating a few gas extraxcting facilities right here at the summit!


...Sure sounds inviting...


...Some wild nature trip...





At least, it's still possible to ride this route anyway, providing you take some precautions...










...and are ready for anything...








In fact,besides this "hill", the area really is kind of flat...


At least three times, we thought the road would dead-end into one of those gas plants..But no! our path is clear! (Hey that's a change!!)


Gotta keep an eye on the road...You just never know what you'll see on there.Where there's one goat...


...There are probably 100 goats...It's rush hour...!


Welcome to Evanston!

Here, the railroad played a very crucial role in establishing the town. In fact, if it was'nt for the train, Evanston probably would'nt exist.


That's why the downtown historic train station was renovated and is part of a very nice park where you'll also find a reconstruction of a sacred place where the Chinese railroad workers went to worship.



It's time for a second oil change on the machines. Jim (right) and Kevin (...left...) from Bridgerland Motorsports Polaris in Evanston Wyoming were waiting for us. They quickly went to work on the quads.

When I asked Jim (Owner) how much I owed him, He decided to become a Quadtrek supporter! WOW! Very COOL!



Kevin being from this area, tells us that, on the road/trail we thought of taking, (they call it the sheep trail here...) we would probably see quite a few sheeps and... gates...

Marc: "So, is there another way we can go?"

Kevin: "Yeah, 30 miles on highway 150 south (paved...of course...), 7 or 8 of which in Utah (where it's illegal to ride on roads).

Marc: "..............."

Jim: "I'm going to my cabin down that way. If you want, I can trailer you down to the campground your looking for in Utah."

Marc: "Well that's very nice of you! Thank you...That's a possibility...But it's not really what this whole trip is about...

Marc: "Will your offer still be good for tomorrow?"

Jim: "I'm going to my cabin tonight and friday night. It's your choice."

Marc: "That's very kind of you...You already did a lot for us. Let us think about it and we'll let you know what we decide."

Guess what? We decided to go check for ourselves...

The next day, a fellow web surfer gave us an excellent advice:
Check with the Sheriff and/or Ranger to see what they have to say.

I could'nt reach the Ranger but the Deputy Sheriff told me that, since it's county road, it must remain open to the public. And if we should find gates (sheep hearders), I could open them and close them back after we're through. Yessss!

Tomorrow, the Adventure continues !!


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general view

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Lat    N   41 16 12

Long  W 110 56 53

Elevation 6839 pieds/feet

At Evanston, Wy.



Partiellement nuageux, mais on évite la pluie de justesse.
50C   122F
  40C   104F
30C   86F
20C   68F
10C   50F
0C   32F
-5C   23F
-10C   14F










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des montagnes russes !!!

Les statistiques

Cumulatif pour ces 3 jours

165 Miles:
1920 Miles: à date/to date
$88 Resto
$10 Épicerie/Food
$0 Essence/fuel
$36 Camping
$80 Divers/Misc.
$214 Total


Facile... au restaurant!
sauf pour le souper du 14 au soir

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