Day 57 & 58

September 1st and 2nd, 2007

Playing tourists in Ferron Utah.

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We're on a little joy ride (for a change...) with Gerry, a new found ATVing friend from Texas who's in town for the Jam. We are now at an overlook offering a breath taking view of part of the San Rafael Swell and of the town of Castle Dale.


You could be here also, you know!


Careful ! If the wind should start blowing...

Got good life insurance, Honey?


There's about 3,000ft elevation difference between where we are and the bottom of the Swell. Let's just say that, if you should get dizzy and loose your balance...It's...Goodbye Honeyyyyy...



Yeah ! The peoples' generosity!
Yeah ! One of the most unexpected sides of our trip. Not only are the people amazed and curious about what we're doing, they're also incredibly generous! Everywhere we go, folks spoil us!!
Bof... ????????????????
Bof... It'd be a shame to complain about something. We're travelling, the weather beautiful and we're being spoiled...

This area is also a real treat for every history fan. Indians left numerous drawings on rocks, petroglyphs (carved in stones) and pictographs (paintings).

Folks are proud of their area and of the little secrets it's hiding. They will happily take us to discover some of them.

Many thanks to Bob and his charming wife Elsie for bringning us to the Rochester Rock Art Panel. Since it's impossible to get there on quads, Bob (79) and Elsie (81) hiked with us for about an hour, hillside, on a very narrow and rocky trail, under the hot sun simply to make sure we would'nt miss that incredible and unique site...
One can only hope to be in that kind of shape at their age...

Here it is: The Rochester Rock Art Panel. It's almost covered in petroglyphs!


Petroglyphs are carved, pecked, chipped or abraded into stone. The outer patina covered surface of the parent stone is removed to expose the usually lighter colored stone underneath. Some stone is better suited to petroglyph making than others. Stone that is very hard or contains a lot of quartz does not work well for petroglyph making; however, a nice desert varnished basalt usually works very well.  
Pictographs are painted onto stone and are much more fragile than petroglyphs. The paint is a mineral or vegetal substance combined with some sort of binder like fat residue or blood. If the paint was not properly mixed with a binder it would not adhere well to the stone and the pictograph would quickly flake away. Pictographs were painted in locations where they would be protected from the elements: in caves, alcoves, under ledges and overhangs.

Impressive, is'nt it? (I meant the drawings, not the tourists...)

Ohhh....So it's the drawings your interested in !! Then, click here


But what do they all mean?? Your interpretation is as good as ours. Historians are still trying to figure it out...



Completely unrelated:

Those are not petroglyphs,

nor are they pictographs,

those are vandalism...

Nothing to do with Indian drawings...


On the trail back to Bobs' car, there's all kinds of caves...
Don't you think this one looks a lot like the top part of a snakes' head?
Those rocks were eroded by water...Hard to believe in the middle of the desert but, it's proof that, at some point, this area was completely covered by an ocean.



     Polaris Industries - Canada                            Polaris Industries - USA



Interesting !!!

Water. It's the difference between life and lack of it.

Part of a smart water managing plan is a triple water piping network.

1- Potable water.

2- Utility water (around the house).

3- Irrigation water for farming.

That way, nobody uses driking water to wash their car.

Also, maybe you noticed that we almost never use the word "lake" but rather "reservoir". That's because here, natural lakes are almost non-existing. Dams were built on small streams to create artificial lakes that are used as water tanks for towns and larger cities. The vast majority of that water comes from the abundant snowfalls the mountains get that melt in the spring. It's fairly easy: No dams (or snow), no water reserve, no town...And since it snows less and less from one winter to the next...



We are really, really spoiled.

Our good friend Dave, (who's with us for the Jamboree) pulls in with his succulent steaks...Hummmmm...A great tradition in the making.

Bob, (the same Bob that brought us to the Rock Art Panel), offers us some delicious peaches that he just got from his own orchard.

A chaming couple (very sorry, forgot their names...), quad fans, heard about us. They come to us and tell us they have "stuff" for us. They leave and come right back with a dozen beers! Seems they saw on this web site that we appreciated getting some ice cold Busch Lites from another couple about a month ago!

It is a really heart warming feeling to be greeted that way !!



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general view

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Au / At   Ferron (state park)
Date      31 août / Aug. 31st
Lat    N   39 05 31'6
Long  W  111 11 34'3
Elevation 6237 pieds/feet


50C   122F
  40C   104F
30C   86F
20C   68F
10C   50F
0C   32F
-5C   23F
-10C   14F
meteo_soleil_3.gif (4118 octets)

If we should tell you that it's hot and sunny, would you be surprised?












Les statistiques

Total 3 jours
3 day total

74 Miles
2344 Miles: à date/to date
$20 Resto
$25 Épicerie/Food
$25 Essence/fuel
$30 Camping
$0 Divers/Misc.
$100 Total




-toasts & coffee


-steaks + olives stuffed with garlic... hummm !!!


Les Oscars-The Oscars: le gagnant est... LA CHOSE LA PLUS APPRECIÉE:



The peoples friendliness!!




Nous sommes fiers de vous présenter nos partenaires.
Ils nous ont fourni un soutien important afin de nous aider à réaliser cette aventure. MERCI À TOUS



We are proud to introduce you to our partners.
Their precious collaboration helped us live this fabulous adventure.


Polaris Industries - Canada
Polaris Industries - USA

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Durocher Transirt


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