Day 130

November 13th, 2007

The Baja 1000.

Only in Baja!

You've got to live it!

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We want to say a big thanks to Pascal Côté for introducing us to a movie we absolutely recommend to each and every off-road motorized sports enthousiasts:

"Dust to Glory".

It's a real life documentary on all aspects of the Baja race. Super! It will make you discover the feeling of the Baja 1000 as well as the ambiance that surrounds it.

We have watched that movie many times and the fact that we are now here, on location, in Baja, to see the race live, brings a very intense thrill to us. Think of your favorite movie and try to imagine yourself having the incredible fortune to be there, to live it.

Full throttle!


When we got here, we were alone, remember?






Some of those buggies are actually faster than the Trophy trucks!


...Working hard!


See our little tent, top left center?


When was the last time you stood 3 feet from cars driving by at 80m/h?
What a thrill !! The sound of the engine alone is incredible!


We got lucky! The guys that set-up next to us have a radio that gets all the communications between pilots, support teams and the weatherman (weatherman is the guy who is radio relay and support coodinator in case of emergency or mechanical difficulties). We can hear every time someone asks for assistance, mechanical or otherwise. With over 500 participants in the race, it never stops! There's always something going on!

All of a sudden, the weatherman asks that all that don't have an extreme emergency leave the airwaves. There's been an accident. There are dozens of accidents. But this one is serious. A few teams have helicopters that guide their race pilots from the air. One of them went down...2 deads, 2 seriously injured...Most pilots (if not all of them) have radios. They heard. The race goes on...


Shake, rattle and roll! Check out the suspensions! He's doing around 70m/h.


Quadtrek was here!
Minnie looks worried! "Don't you think we're a little too close not to face them?"


...If you thought we were close...Wait...


...Check out this dude on the race course ! (just besides the left front wheel of the car). They're going at wide open throttle, remember? Anything for a great picture!




The idea behind the fact of having a chopper flying ahead of the racer is that it seems people will often throw obstacles like telephone polls or dig a huge hole in the track, just like that, to see more action!...It's always nice to know that ahead of time, if you're a pilot!


There are soooo many different classes of vehicules in the race that you have to an expert to know them all. Here, a highly modified VW. Some run the race in almost stock VW bugs! That's class 11. They're recognized by all drivers as the real hard core racers! There are also classes for close to stock vehicules (bikes and trucks) that you can enter, if you wish.


Showing off!


Unfortunately, there are very few quads in the race...Guess 4 wheels will shake you worst than 2...


Think those guys will see where they're going when night falls? All those lights are HIDs. It'll be like daytime again!


Some of those trucks are worth up to $500,000 US !!


It's a shame you guys can't hear the sound of the engine! It's hallucinating!


At 20m/h, on a quad, it was OK. At 80m/h, in a truck, it's completely nuts!


Rush hour traffic jam.


It's 10:30pm. We slip into our sleeping bags exhausted by the emotions and the sun. Racers will zoom by our tent in a rage of thunder until late at night. They had mechanical issues or were invloved in a crash and are now back on track. We're at mile marker 100. It's 10:30pm. They still have about 1,200 more miles to go...

That's the Baja 1000. That's nuts!

For more details, see the score international website 

Thanks to Jim Greene. He took many of the pics you see here.


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We are proud to introduce you to our partners.
Their precious collaboration helped us live this fabulous adventure.


Polaris Industries - Canada
Polaris Industries - USA

RM Motosport

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Durocher Transirt


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