Day 28 & 29
August 3rd & 4th,  2007

From Dillon, Mt To Island Park, Id.

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After 1121 miles, the quads need a good service.


Thanks to Chris at Adventure cycle and sled, for having both our machines in the shop and on the lifts with only 1/2 hour notice! 2 hours later we're all set and ready to hit the road again. 3aout_5_polaris.jpg (24257 octets)


Are we moving? Well sort of...

Since we want to share the work load between the two quads, we take this opportunity to switch all the gear from one ATV to the other. From now on and for roughly the next 1000miles, the blue one will be pulling the trailer. What an incredible pile of junk!


There's no time to loose! While the mechanics are working on the quads, France gets busy on the computer.


WoW! After a good wash and free from all our stuff, it looks brand new!


     Polaris Industries - Canada                            Polaris Industries - USA


Main street Dillon Mt (1888)




Yeah ! We meet another long distance traveller.
Yeah ! Ludwig! We salute you!
Bof... An unwanted guess for the night...
Bof... comments...



Back on the road after the maintenance. Did we mention how beautiful it was, in this area??



Hum.... That sounds serious...


...Even more so when you're in a wildlife refuge!


Hey! Here's a not to bad spot for the night! Shut the engines, pitch the tent, we're home! We absolutely must mention how privilidged we feel to be able to RIDE ATVs across this wildlife refuge. Got to stay on the gravel road, but still.


We meet a new friend:

Ludwig: "Hi! Are you going to be sleeping here tonight?"

Marc: ''Yeah, this place is awesome! ''


Ludwig: '' I come from Germany. I travel alone one my motorcycle and I'm on my way to Costa Rica. I was wondering if it's safe to sleep here?" (Bears??)


Marc: ''No problems, we'll set up our portable electric fence''.

Ludwig: ''What? A portable electric fence! Never heard of that before!! (laugh...laugh...)

Marc: ''If you want, you can pitch your tent close to ours, that way, we'll all be safe''

Ludwig: ''OK (friendly laugh...laugh...laugh...)'' 


While helping Marc set up the fence, Ludwig can't believe he's actually doing that...You can laugh all you want Ludwig, we'll see you'll be laughing when the bear comes around!!


Time flies and we must hurry to cook dinner if we don't want to eat in the dark.

Marc thinks it's pretty strange to cook meals over a stove that uses regular unleaded gas.

"I thought gas was suppose to kill us, not feed us..."



Another day comes to an end...


...In the dark, we pick-up and pack safely anything that might attract bears, and we go to bed.

About an hour later...

Marc: "Listen...Listen...I can hear something scratching...It's sounds close...Very close to us...

France: "Sounds like it's coming from there, just over your head..."

Marc: "Where's that stupid flashlight?..."

France: "Just besides the pepper spray".

Marc: "OK... I see...

Marc: "It's...It's...Oh shit! It's here to find out...



August 4th, 2007.

Goodbye Ludwig, It was nice meeting you! Bon voyage!

Another great side of travelling is that you get to meet all kinds of good people from all over, that share your passions, dreams and sometimes worries...

Before leaving, Ludwig left us a couple of DVDs reporting the off-road travels of two guys on motorcycles from Canada to Mexico. Thanks Lud!


Just another beautiful start to a beautiful day...The usual...


Aint always easy, you know, travelling through some of those places...Take this scenery, for example...Kindamakes you wish...You could stay there!!...


Across the continental divide for the 2e time, we cross from Montana into Idaho again. At 7129ft elev.


Location is everything. We agree!!


A good, curvy road, a fabulous decor, What more can we ask for...
...coming soon, Island Park...

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Vue d'ensemble/
general view

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carte  détaillée/
detailed map/

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Lat    N   44 35 35
Long W  111 43 43

Elevation  6673 pieds /feet



Sunny to start, then partly cloudy and the traditional thunderstorm in the PM...
50C   122F
  40C   104F
30C   86F
20C   68F
10C   50F
0C   32F
-5C   23F
-10C   14F
couvert1.gif (1305 octets) AM
orages.gif (1331 octets)









We ride on National Forests roads.

4aout_8_sentier.jpg (11118 octets)


Les statistiques

Cumulatif pour ces 2 jours

134 Miles:
pour 2 jours / for 2 days
1255 Miles: à date/to date
$45 Resto
$36 Épicerie/Food
$22 Essence/fuel
$12 Camping
$132 Divers/Misc.
$247 2 jours  total/
2 days total





3 août: Resto
4 aoùt:toasts + coffee

3 août: Resto
4 aoùt: just a snack

Souper/Dinner: Resto
3 août: Spaghetti
4 aoùt:Resto

Les Oscars-The Oscars: le gagnant est... L'ITEM LE PLUS APPRÉCIÉ:



The third plate and silverware kit...In case we have a guess for dinner...




Nous sommes fiers de vous présenter nos partenaires.
Ils nous ont fourni un soutien important afin de nous aider à réaliser cette aventure. MERCI À TOUS



We are proud to introduce you to our partners.
Their precious collaboration helped us live this fabulous adventure.


Polaris Industries - Canada
Polaris Industries - USA

RM Motosport

Durocher Transirt


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